Coronet launches STO for acquisition of old mines and stock piles

Coronet is currently looking at projects with early cash flow generation to help drive its aggressive acquisition and development program, leveraging existing relationships and expertise within mining-friendly jurisdictions as part of its long-term plan to evolve into a mid-tier gold producer.

How does "CMM" STO Token work?

Coronet Metals has issued 1 billion authorized shares, of which 80 million will be distributed. 1 CMM equals to one stock share.

This is a basic attribute of digital stock. CMM has added new features to its meaning.

Is allowed to survive due to its utility in black and grey market use cases.

One of Blockchain’s main features is that of replacing paper stock.

The permissionless nature of CMM is a key trading point in the eyes of investors.

Using CMM as you wish will be fulfilled via the use of digital wallets.

CMM is already proven in the ERC20 token world, creating a revolution in the financial sphere.

How does we generate the revenue?

We will acquire old mines where stockpiles or tailings are available in the Southwestern Region of the U.S., such as California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. We have revolutionized the industry with low cost electrostatic separators licensed by Avimetal Inc. We simply extract metallic particles from the wasted tailings and then sell them to the refinery with 10 t0 100 times of concentrates.


October 2012
Incorporated in Nevada
The Company was incorporated on October 2012 in the state of Nevada by Stock Exchange Company, Coronet Metals Canada. The Company is engaged in the business of acquiring, exploring and developing gold and silver properties.
October 2012
November 2012
Success of Investment
Coronet Metals was engaged Canada and Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol FWB:2CM and US. OTC stock market’s premier tier, OTCQX International (CORMF).Canadian Stock Exchange Company, Coronet Metals Canada raised capital of 30 millions. The Company entered a 4 years short term lease to purchase option with Liberty precious metal processing facility in Armargosa, Nevada to process gold ores from Whitecap and Yamamina mines, near Armargosa.
November 2012
December 2012
Short Term Lease Contract
Coronet metals entered into a short-term lease to purchase option contract for the facility located at Armargosa Valley, 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. They have EPA Permit Number NEV2010101 (the “Liberty), permitted to process up to 50 tons of precious metals feed material per day. The building floor is graded to a floor drain which drains to a 500-gallon covered sump, which can be transferred to a 5,000-gallon recycle tank. There are 35,000 gallons of secondary containment in the building. 6 bay building has a 76 x 122 ft processing area, with the remaining area being devoted to a wet laboratory, AA room/office , weigh room, fire assay and laboratory roof mezzanine.
December 2012

How to buy Tokens

A CMM Token is a digital stock equivalent to one common stock. It is restricted to sell token to US residents, per SEC Reg S,, and will allow to accredited financial agents in USA per SEC Reg D.

Pre STO Sale

by Dec 31, 2021

1 CMM = $1.00
Non-public Sale
From 2/1 to 12/31
20,000,000 CMM

Initial STO Sale

Jan 1 ~ Dec 31, 2022

1 CMM = Market Price
Non-US Resident
Accredited Agents
40,000,000 CMM
Buy Now!

Seed STO Sale

Jan 1 ~ Dec 31, 2023

1 CMM = Market Price
Last Sale
First come, first sale
40,000,000 CMM
Reserve Now!

Distibution of Tokens

CMM token is a platform for the future of funding that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

  • 100 million – distribute
  • 250 million – Reserved Funding
  • 500 million – Founder
  • 100 million – Advisors
  • 50 million – Employee

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’re going to provide you with all the information relating to CMM, methods of trade, and recent rates.

A.CMM Token will be in the security trade market following the success of the Pre-STO Stage. 

Our Projects

List of Mines for non ferrous metals and precious metals!

Slag Pile
Copper Slag
Gold Mine
Silver Mine
Copper Mine
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How to buy Tokens

CMM Token’s rate is rapidly changing that our revenue is either rising or falling several times a day.

Name Price:Initial STO sale start June 15, 2022 to December 14, 2022
Hard Cap:$100 000 000
Exchange Rate:80 CMM = 1 ETH

Our Teamship

Our Professional Management Team

James Gim
Former Boeing Technical Representative

CEO Expert in strategy and business analytics

Richard Woodford
Metallurgist & Geologist

Chief Project Director

James Cook
James Cook

Chairman of Coronet Metal Korea Chairman of GB Energy Chairman of Korean Legal Associate Vice Chairman of Janis News Media

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James GimCEO of Coronet Metals


Richard WoodfordProject Chemist/Metallurgist


Steve RyouV.P of Asia Sales/Marketing