Hot Plasma

Hot plasma gasification

The market needs more practical and productive innovation towards head ore and slag fixation as well as refining advancements of valuable metals in the mining industry.  Break Even Point (BEP) of Gold Ore, Slag and other material is at least 0.2 ounce per ton of Gold.  Several million tons of material area available in the region of South Western area below 0.2 OPT and above 0.1 OPT.

Plasma gasification technology has been proven to a recovery of value-added metals from slag or ore past decade.  Plasma gasification is a process that converts organic matter into synthetic gas, electricity, and slag using plasma.  A plasma torch powered by an electric arc is used to ionize the gas and catalyze organic matter into synthetic gas and solid waste by heating up to 3000-degree Fahrenheit.

Plasma gasification technique is providing several benefits including high energy from waste, conversion of organic matter into synthesis gas(syngas) production for thermal energy, and electric power.  Meanwhile, clear alloyed slag could be utilized as a construction material.

However, the cost of a plasma plant is very expensive and limited the small capacity of production.  Turn around time of the order to installation is a year to two years with large space required.

We have developed affordable low costs of compact sized RF Plasma Gasification System from 120 KW system to 960 KW system which will be available to install in parallel and increase capacity by implementing multiple feeders and torches in one system.  It is modular concept of turnkey system is simply plug-in system.

Hot Plasma