The Coronet Metals

Coronet Metals (“Coronet”) is distinctive for spreading and manufacturing precious metal refining equipment for the mining industry.  The Las Vegas Facility will be known as the “Coronet Facility and Showroom.”  Coronet has set up a laboratory with the latest, most modern technology.  To do analytical testing using Hot & Cold Plasma Technology this laboratory is specially designed by Coronet Metals. Coronet aims on building a 300 KW plant at the Coronet Facility, enabling it to provide smelting services with induction furnaces.  In addition, the Cyclone Electro-winning System and Electrostatic Separators are being installed to incorporate all of the latest developed technologies to ensure any and all precious metals in the concentrates, tailing and slag are being captured.  As new technologies are developed, Coronet plans on being in a position to quickly incorporate these technologies into the worldwide mining facilities.  When the need arises, Coronet has already identified additional warehousing facilities to acquire and put into production.

Coronet was incorporated in the state of Nevada in 2011.  Coronet is engaged in the business of acquiring, exploring, and developing gold and silver properties.

Coronet’s main office is located in Suwanee, Georgia, and Research & Development Center in Incheon City, Korea.  Coronet brings together a highly-experienced management team and a well-connected Board of Directors with a proven history of developing financing, and operating mining projects.  Coronet’s strategy is focused on projects with potential for near-term mine development and additional exploration upside.

Coronet is looking at projects with early cash flow generation to drive its aggressive acquisition and development program, leveraging existing relationships and expertise within mining-friendly jurisdictions as part of its long-term plan to evolve into a mid-tier gold producer.