Cold Plasma

Cold Plasma (Cold FISSION)

Plasma is a new and prospectively revolutionary system which uses an advanced state of matter called plasma, but it is also a very special type of plasma called “cold plasma.” Plasma, sometimes referred to as the fourth state of matter, behaves like a gas, but also conducts electricity like a wire, because it is ionized.

Plasmas play important roles in several scientific and industrial applications.

Keeping in view several scientific and industrial applications of Plasma we have developed the metallurgical refining application.  The molecules of hydrogen in the gas are ionized when applied a DC pulsed electric power.  Thus the different radicals are produced.  The refining ability of hydrogen is enhanced in such a process.  While the radicals reach the surface of the melt, they react with the impurities to form some volatile compounds, such as NH3, H2S, and PH3.  Because the compounds are insoluble in the melts, they will be carried off by fluent gas.  Finally, the impurity elements are removed from the metal.

An embodiment of a cold plasma device is described that has a reactor having a positive electrode, negative electrode, membrane, and agitator.  The electrode is configured to generate cold plasma, with the cold plasma having a temperature in the range of 65 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  The membrane and electrodes are our proprietaries, and also electrolyte is a NaCl with our proprietary chemicals.

Metals will be recovered by adjusting PH level

  • PH 2 - Iron
  • PH 3 – Base Metals
  • PH 4-7 – Precious Metals
  • PH 8-14 – Rare Earth Metals
Cold Plasma System PNG