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Hot Plasma Gasification System

Join us as we unveil the revolutionary RF Plasma Gasification System, a game-changer in the mining industry for economical and efficient head ore & slag concentration and precious metal refining. Dive into the heart of South Western mining regions, where millions of tons of material lie with untapped potential due to sub-optimal gold content. Our cutting-edge technology breaks barriers by recovering value-added metals from slag or ore, boasting a modular, compact design for seamless scalability. Witness how our system transforms the plasma gasification process, traditionally known for its high costs and bulky setups, into an affordable, space-saving solution without compromising on production capacity. Learn about the intricate process of gold recovery from silicates, the limitations of conventional methods, and how RF Plasma Gasification offers an economically viable alternative. Embrace this plug-in system that’s set to reshape the economics of metal extraction.