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The PRG Group’s Innovative Approach – Inca

Revolutionizing Mining: The PRG Group's Innovative Approach

Introducing the PRG Group, a visionary company revolutionizing the gold and rare earth minerals mining industry. With a commitment to efficiency, transparency, and responsible practices, PRG is setting new standards with its innovative methods and blockchain technology implementation. The video highlights the PRG project’s key aspects:

  1. Proprietary Leach Processing: A partnership with Environmental Systems Management S.A.C. to use agitating/mixing tanks and filter units for efficient liquefied gold extraction.
  2. Electrostatic Separation: Post-milling process innovation to separate conductive and non-conductive ores, reducing gold-containing ore volume by 40%, enhancing efficiency and resource utilization.
  3. Electrowinning Extraction: Electrowinning as the primary extraction method, in collaboration with refining companies like Coronet, for high-quality precious metals processing.
  4. Blockchain Technology: Implementing blockchain for accurate, transparent record-keeping and enhanced oversight, building investor and regulatory trust.
  5. Environmentally-Friendly Mining Practices: Emphasis on sustainable and responsible mining, with advanced technologies and a commitment to environmental standards.

Join the PRG Group in their journey towards responsible, sustainable resource extraction, leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative practices.